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Across America Freedom Doesn’t Always Add Up

by Wednesday, August 17, 2016
  • A new report has come out that lists each of the 50 states by their “freedom rank.”
  • The “least free” state according to their analysis was New York.
  • They claimed that New York has been voted the “least free” state since 2000.
  • The “most free” state according to them is New Hampshire.

An institute, the Libertarian Cato Institute, came out with a report recently that showed the “freedom level” in each of the 50 states in the U.S. Based on a number of different variables their report shows which states are the “most free” and which states are the “least free.” Where does your state fit in?

Interestingly enough the study found that New York is the “least free” out of all 50 states. Apparently, the state has continuously gotten that ranking since 2000. They reported that it’s number one problem is its fiscal policy.

An analysis from their report reads, “If New York were to adopt a fiscal regime closer to that of California, New Jersey, or Connecticut, its overall economic freedom score would be close to theirs. As it is, New York looks set to remain the least free state for many years to come.”

Out of all the states, New York has the biggest burden from taxes. The national average on taxes is about 7.8 percent of your income, New Yorkers pay twice that rate. The state itself has the highest debt of any other state, averaging about 30 percent of its income.

A section from the report reads:

Land-use freedom is very low, primarily because of the economically devastating rent control law in New York City. Local zoning is actually fairly moderate compared with surrounding states not named “Pennsylvania.” Renewable portfolio standards are high. The state enacted a minimum wage in 2013-14 and also has a short-term disability insurance mandate. Cable and telecommunications are unreformed. Occupational freedom is a bit subpar, but nurse practitioners did gain some independence in 2013-14. Insurance freedom is a mixed bag (the state has stayed out of the IIPRC), but property and casualty insurers gained some freedom to set rates in 2013-14. The civil liability system looks poor, but we may underrate it slightly because of the state’s large legal sector.

The study factors in a number of different things such as same-sex marriage, marijuana use, “alcohol freedom”, gun right, school choice, and “tobacco freedom.”

Here is an interactive map with the ranks of each state. Check out where your state fits in.

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