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BREAKING NEWS Active Shooter In Dallas Leaves 3 Police Dead, 11 Wounded

by Friday, July 8, 2016

BREAKING  NEWS – 11 officers shot, 4 killed in Dallas as multiple snipers are reported still in the area. The shots started near a protest in response to killing of two black men by police earlier in the week.  First reports would appear to be retaliation for the earlier killings.

There are also reports that the attackers may have bombs placed around downtown.

One suspect is allegedly cornered by officers and one is still on the loose.

We will report more and more is known

UPDATE: The person of interest in the photo above has turned himself in. The shooter cornered by police is also in custody.

UPDATE 2: The original person of interest who’s picture circulated earlier has been cleared. 

Police are currently investigating a strange package found downtown.



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