Hey Obama You’re Not Our President No One Cares What You Think…

by Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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Since leaving office, former President Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, have made congressional redistricting reform a top priority.

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Saying that “protecting” democracy requires “rethinking the way we draw our congressional districts,” President Obama has lashed out at Republicans for supposedly gerrymandering themselves into control of the House of Representatives.

Gerrymandering involves manipulating the boundaries of districts represented by members of the U.S. House, state legislators and local officials to favor one political party over the other in elections.

By this practice, the Democratic former president asserts, the GOP “moves our debate from the rational, reasonable middle, where most Americans are, to the extremes. And that makes commonsense policies that most Americans support less likely.”

Then in a burst of typical self-righteous sanctimony, Obama argues that Republican dominance in redistricting is “not good for our children and regardless of our party affiliations, it’s not good for our democracy.” The former president asserts each party should get representation roughly equal to its share of the congressional popular vote.

To achieve this, Obama and Holder argue, Americans should elect more Democrats (how remarkably convenient) to state legislatures and create appointed states commissions to handle redistricting.



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6 Responses
  • Kent Dwight Reiswig
    November 28, 2018

    Obozo…. stfu..I’m still waiting for the Doctor & insurance I lost with your Obozocare you you lying pos.

  • richard
    November 28, 2018

    Audit Obama!

  • Ralph Haak
    November 28, 2018

    I think all the existing Democrat leaders in or out of office should immediately donate their brains to Science. As an alternative, they could take a running slide on a 40 foot razor.

  • Carolyn Norris
    November 29, 2018

    I agree with all of the above! Especially, Ralph Haak

  • Liberty Belle
    November 29, 2018

    Perhaps this is why Obama is so pissy!
    Obama’s next 20 years of vacations cancelled! Estimated cost? $2.1 billion. Before Obama left office, he arranged with the State Department for a series of “official visits” to foreign countries spanning the next 20 years, using discretionary funds from the Office of Presidential Visits and Vacations, Obama was planning to use what would have been another $2.1 billion in free vacations for him and up to 24 members of his family plus staff and a dog sitter until the year 2036. A Trump-hired worker presented him with a ledger that contained all of the Obama travel plans and expenses. Trump immediately canceled the plans and recalled all Secret Service agents scheduled to protect the Obama entourage anywhere outside of the United States.They’re going to have to repay the government for all of those vacations that weren’t official state business. The bill, after some small allowances for days that were possibly work related, is for $214 million. Of the 692 days the Obamas spent on vacation, almost none included any work at all. They ate, slept and golfed and Michelle was given shopping allowances from the Office of Discretionary Gifting Funds, which is supposed to be used to buy presents for visiting dignitaries.

  • Larry Ream
    December 5, 2018

    Lock them up!