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Hillary Eats Ice Cream While Supporters Burn

by Tuesday, August 2, 2016
  • On Sunday, Hillary’s rally was struck by heat exhaustion and dehydration.
  • People were being hospitalized because of the heat, while they waited for almost two hours to see Hillary.
  • Hillary showed up 90 minutes late to her own rally in Columbus, Ohio.
  • She apparently, had to stop for ice cream in Ashland first.

If it was ever debated that Hillary has no remorse, empathy, or interest in other people, she gave the answer on Sunday. While people were waiting outside Hillary’s rally in Columbus, Ohio, in the blistering heat, Hillary was getting ice cream. The result was the hospitalization of people from heat exhaustion. That’s right, people were actually hospitalized while waiting for Hillary.

Reports have said that over 50 people were treated for heat-related issues. 

Hillary casually strolled in 90 minutes behind her original schedule. She can’t even show up to her own presidential campaign rally on time. Yet,when she showed up she only talked for about 20 minutes. Her running mate Kaine talked for 15 and then they left.

Apparently, early on Sunday morning, Clinton decided to stop in Cleveland Heights to surprise the congregation at the Imani Temple Ministry. Why? I have no idea. I don’t understand how that would be more important than going and talking to the people who are supporting you. It was also reported that Clinton, and her groupies, stopped for ice cream in Ashland on the way to the rally. 

Rebecca Diehm, the official for the Columbus Division of Fire, said that many people suffered from dehydration and in many cases had to be brought inside to lower their body temperatures. Apparently, the heat was well in the high 80’s on Sunday. So while Hillary was enjoying the “spoils of war,” so to speak, people were passing out from the heat.

Where you put your priorities is a clear indication of who you are as a person. A candidate should be conscious of the public’s needs, and efforts to come see their presidential pick. No one likes the person that shows up almost two hours late to their own party.

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