Illegals Round Up , Over 100 Captured…

by Wednesday, June 6, 2018

More than 100 arrests have been reported after federal immigration agents raided an Ohio lawn and garden business Tuesday as part of the Trump administration’s growing crackdown on employers suspected of hiring illegal immigrants.

The Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents, carrying weapons, showed up at two Corso’s Flower & Garden Centers–one in the Lake Erie resort town of Sandusky and the other in the nearby town of Castalia and arrested 114 suspected illegal immigrants in one of the largest immigration stings in years.

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ICE said it expected criminal charges including identity theft and tax evasion, The Associated Press reported.

No criminal charges have been filed against Corso’s, but the business is under investigation, authorities said. The raid included the seizure of business documents.

The Sandusky Register reported that the agents raided Corso’s armed with a search warrant.

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  • Don
    June 6, 2018

    Yesterday I watched on another site, Gun Fire at the border, they think it was a battle between to different Cartel gangs, it sounded exactly like a gun fight in Viet Nam, close quarters fighting. I would guess a couple of hundred rounds were fired. Trump is right, Build that wall. The closer to election time the worse things are going to get, those on the left want that.