Justin Trudeau The Sexual Predator!

by Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he didn’t “remember any negative interactions” on the day in 2000 when he’s accused of groping a reporter at a festival in British Columbia.

Allegations against Trudeau re-surfaced last week when a Calgary law professor posted a picture of an article claiming the then-teacher engaged in inappropriately “handling” a reporter. The story didn’t have a byline.

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“I remember that day in Creston well,” Trudeau said on Sunday. “I had a good day that day. I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all.”

The woman said she felt “blatantly disrespected” at the time, though the story didn’t offer many specifics about the incident, according to The Guardian.

“I’m sorry,” Trudeau allegedly told the woman at the time. “If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.”

The reporter was distressed about the alleged incident with Trudeau, Valerie Bourne, the paper’s former publisher, told CBC News. Bourne added she wouldn’t have classified the encounter as “sexual assault.”




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2 Responses
  • Arnie Boutilier
    July 4, 2018

    Don’t do as i do he’s talking to women at the same time he’s groping them feminist what a dick head how much longer will they be fooled all women should upset at this clown

  • brian krzyzaniak
    July 6, 2018

    SO — people wonder justin keep getting a pass from the media etc. whenever he says or does something stupid or inappropriate–BECAUSE— as a humankind society we are taught to show compassion towards the mentally handicapped