The Left Is Disgusting And Can’t Put Politics Aside!

by Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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Jeffrey Myers, the Pittsburgh rabbi who watched as 11 of his congregants were gunned down during Saturday services, says he has become a political target and is receiving hate mail for saying he would welcome President Trump to his place of prayer.

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And he’s not the only one.

Brothers David and Cecil Rosenthal were murdered in the shootout are being laid to rest Tuesday. Both lived with disabilities and received help from ACHIEVA, which operates a community home.

The Pittsburgh-based organization told reporters they received three phone calls today from an unidentified man who was swearing and angry at them. While ACHIEVA would not elaborate on what exactly the caller said, they did tell reporters it was “anti-Jewish” and “pro-Trump.”

The organization says it has notified police and plans to beef up security.

“It is just continuous in this vicious cycle. Hate promulgating more hate promulgating more hate,” Myers told CNN Tuesday. “We need to be better than this, we can be better than this.”

Though he has no plans to meet Trump, Myers implored politicians to tone down the polarizing rhetoric.

“Hate is not blue, hate is not red, hate is not purple… hate is in all,” Myers said. “Speak words of love, speak words of decency and of respect. When the message comes loud and clear, Americans will hear that and we can begin to change the tenor of our country.”

Myers was at the Squirrel Hill synagogue Saturday when shots rang out.

“I heard him execute my congregants,” Myers said.

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  • Rdale
    October 31, 2018

    Just like the Kavanah and TRUMP Talley haters. They all come from the left.