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Man Risks Everything To Climb Trump Tower

by Thursday, August 11, 2016

A man attempted to scale the Trump Tower in New York City on Wednesday afternoon. He started on the 5th-floor atrium, which is open to the public, and appeared to be aiming to scale all 68 floors of the legendary building.

The climber used a rig of five suction cups and slowly and carefully worked his way up, always leaving two of the cups with a rope as a safety harness that he rested on.

Police attempted to negotiate the man down, but were largely unsuccessful. They also removed windows and vents to try and grab him, but at one point the climber was able to shimmy around them and keep going.

He finally made it to the 21st floor before police were able to safely pull the man into the building and arrest him.

So far, it is not known what the man was trying to accomplish with his daredevil move, but it is believed to be motivated by self-promotion rather than politics.

Also, no word yet on if the man will be facing charges or be held responsible for damages to the building. However, he should be made to pay for any damage that was caused to Trump Tower. At the rate he was climbing he would have never made it to the top and the rescue would only have been more expensive and dangerous for all parties involved.

My only hope is that this won’t stir up a string of copycat climbers who think they can succeed where he failed.

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