The Generation Of Self Importance

by Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How can we survive if a large majority of our country is drowning in self-importance? In self-involvement? We strive, as a society, to be the only one living. The best, the greatest, the most unique. That’s why you see the newest generation is a group of kids and young adults, who grew up with the media being their babysitters. 

YouTube is successful because it is a place for young adults and teens to indulge in themselves. They film themselves living, talking, eating, sleeping. Anything. 

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I know someone who is “big” on YouTube. He was recently filming himself and talking to his “audience” about his day, during the video he fell asleep without knowing it. He woke up to realize that hundreds of people were watching him. They were watching him sleep. It is the generation of the performer and audience mentality.

We have the “idols” and the “idolizers.” There really isn’t much of an in between, at least it doesn’t seem like there is.

So, the government, the politicians, the terrorists, are all getting away with massive things because the majority of the country are watchers. Yes, they will complain in their homes, on their computers, on their phones, but they are watchers. They want to be entertained. If that means being upset by the way the government is going then so be it. The minute things go right, however, they get bored.

Back in the day, America had something to fight for. We stood up because it wasn’t about the individual it was about the country that we have founded and built with our bare hands. The knowledge that we have lost throughout the years is one simple truth: you are not unique or different. You are a person. Just like me and everyone else. We all have issues, we all have fears, we all have desires. Instead of thriving on the thought of being the only one. We need to band together to stand up for this country that our fathers and our father’s fathers made for us.

We are giving away our country on a silver platter and for what? Entertainment? A little thrill?

What happens after the “show,” and we realize we can’t get our country back? What happens when it’s too late?

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