Transgender Inmates Deserve Punishment Not Special Treatment!

by Monday, May 14, 2018

Finally someone with their head on straight. If you haven’t heard  The Trump administration is rolling back protections for transgender prison inmates introduced under former President Barack Obama after some prisoners challenged the policies in court.

An inmate’s biological sex will now be used to make the initial decision as to where transgender prisoners are housed, instead of the gender to which they identify, according to a change in guidelines announced on Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

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Yes if you didn’t realize it under Obama your tax dollars weren’t going towards rehab and punishment of for CRIMINALS it went to protect the mentally deranged and protect these MEN and WOMEN from the reality of what they are.

This is an important step, and one that I hope continues we shouldn’t have to change all of America for was less than 1% of the population needs…

Let me know what you think…Was this a bad move on Trump’s Part?




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3 Responses
  • Cecil
    May 14, 2018

    It’s about time they quit getting treated like snowflakes do the crime do the time

  • Carl
    May 15, 2018

    Political correctness has ruined this country as in you can’t call anything or anyone what it or they really are for you might be accidently insulting someone elses fantasy of reality. I miss the days when people weren’t afraid to say whats on their minds. We as a people have lost the honesty to do that. In my opinion trump is trying to turn back the clock to simple common sense. I hope he’s voted in for another term in the white house.

  • Bob
    May 17, 2018

    Good job,old buddy