Trump Fixes The NFL Problem In Less Than 2 Minutes…

by Friday, October 5, 2018

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WASHINGTON – President Trump boasted at a rally Thursday about fixing a Super Bowl problem for the NFL in a matter of “two minutes,” but lamented the football players will still despise him.

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During the event in Minnesota, Trump said his new trade pact got Canada to change its policy on Super Bowl commercials that had been a “big, big problem” for the NFL.

“During the negotiation, I said ‘you got to fix the NFL problem,’” Trump said of his trade talks with Canada. “It took me two minutes and now the NFL is so happy it’s all worked out.

“And now our country will be taking tens of millions of dollars more money,” Trump continued. “A lot of it is going to go to the players and they’ll still hate me, can you believe that!?”

Trump has long tussled with football players for kneeling during the national anthem. Despite his grievances, Trump said he wanted to help the NFL because “it’s an American company. It’s a great American company.”



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