Our Veterans Shouldn’t Have To Rely On Handouts.

by Monday, May 14, 2018

A Korean War veteran struggling to get by can now breathe a sigh of relief after a group of around 100 volunteers in the Phoenix area spent a day helping renovate his home.

Jordan Dancer, 83, told Fox 10 about the financial struggles that weighed on his life.

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“I had so much stress in my life because I just didn’t know what to do,” Dancer said, adding that “sometimes, I hated for the mail to arrive because it was just billed.”

His home and yard were spruced up by Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit that gives free repairs to affordable homes for those in need. The organization’s director of construction operations, Jeremiah Churchill, said volunteers painted Dancer’s home and weeded his yard.

Things like this both give me hope for America and also make me sad. This vet gave up his Freedom so we could live free. And while I am happy he was able to find this happy ending and get help from these volunteers I have to ask why is this the only way Vets seem to get help.

We are so quick to help other nations, yet we ignore those in our borders who gave all. I can only hope we start to come around and look at the real problems, not just the fake ones these SJW’s are so quick to start to march on.

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